Application Development

We offer the latest applications development technics whether it is on on-premises or in the cloud. We are adherents and big fans of Continuous Integration and deployment for DevOps and can help your organization match into the future and applications development bliss no matter what your environment maturity level is.

We believe in getting more quality work done by automation while doing less and eliminating opportunities for inevitable human error. We have software engineers steeped in all the best engineering practices available. Experience ranging from custom off the shelf enterprise software implementation methodologies to standard applications development practices with open source tools such as git, subversion, eclipse, maven, and continuos integration with the likes of Jenkins on premise and in the cloud. We can help with AWS, Azure, Cloudbees, Heroku development processes.

We are experts at the Devops model popularized by Amazon AWS and can custom fit it to your environment or implement a modified version fitted to your unique organization’s situation.

Fig 1: An illustration of the DevOps approach. The gated continuous delivery allows you to control frequency and versioning of the delivered products. Furthermore, only software that passes all the testing actually makes it past the delivery gate so it is a built-in quality control. Your customers and stakeholders never get to be affected by software that didn’t pass all the curated test cases.

The key to successful DevOps is the continuous delivery. The advantages are numerous.

Fig 2: An illustration of the benefits you can expect to get from the continuous delivery model.

Development Benefits

Automating from check-in to deployment eliminates the human error.
Your organization will see the following benefits:

  • Faster software product delivery
  • Safer delivered product with less bugs
  • Consistency and Standardization that will be a boon to your software development teams, and because it is well understood you will gain easier team transitions and onboarding of new members.
  • Productivity gains that lead to lower overall costs

Give us a call and have one of our experts do a free no-obligation assessment and write up for you.

It's not just a buzzword anymore. We are now helping customers deploy Docker. The software world is moving from VM based virtualization to Container based paradigm. Containers with containers developers can escape the software dependency matrix and its associated headaches. Code is written and deployed once and can run anywhere on premises or in the cloud. No configuration required. Think of it as icing on the DevOps cake. Have you heard of micro-services? Containers make micro-services not only possible but really that much more powerful. Coupled with a good orchestration engine such as kubernettes (a Google seeded OSS), it enables intelligent scheduling, self-healing, horizontal scaling and fast delivery of your applications. All available now. Our team can help if your organization wishes to take the next step and integrate this approach into your process for incredible benefits.

Fig 3: A visual comparison of Containers vs. VMs: Its all about resource maximization while archiving a level of isolation VMs could only dream of.

Micro-services are not complete without containerization. Implementing now…

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