A SOA and BPM approach to IT

Business Process Management (BPM) is a natural complement to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and a mechanism through which an organization can apply SOA to high-value business challenges. Both SOA and BPM can be pursued individually, but the two approaches in concert offer reciprocal benefits.

The substantial benefits of implementing BPM on top of a SOA foundation are:

  • A more agile, flexible, enterprise, one that can more easily proliferate across divisions and geographies, and is more resilient to changes in underlying IT systems
  • You can easily evolve your SOA services over time or change the model and migrate over the BPM processes with minimal disruption or change to the process model the users are already using.
  • Complementary disciplines of BPM and SOA inherently promote radical cooperation between business and technology groups within an organization and BPM can be used to enrich make more relevant in supporting core business objectives; services delivered from within SOA.
  • Minimize the number of tools that are used in the organization for applications and service delivery, to reduce complexity.
  • Allows seamless Top-Down / Bottom-Up approach to IT architecture and development. Often times transformation of legacy platforms is not a perfect scenario and being able to approach it from either direction is invaluable.
  • Eliminate fragile point-to-point integration and move to service bus model providing previously impossible to achieve levels of stability. IT can focus on using IT systems to increase revenue and customer satisfaction, speed product development, reduce process times, and drive growth.
  • BPM supported by SOA can benefit from a vast selection of services bolstered by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and enriched through monitoring via dashboards and rich Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tools.


E2E has capability and vendor products certified development staff to implement a single stack or the Industry’s best of breed SOA and BPM. Specifically we support the following models:

  • Oracle SOA / IBM BPM
  • Oracle SOA / Oracle BPM

E2E has qualified architects and very experienced development and infrastructure staff that will evaluate your particular situation and propose a unique model that best serves your organization.

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